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The award-winning Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours were founded by storyteller Kristen Clay in 2002. Impressed by Utah's rich culture and history, Kristen set out to study its stories. As she began interviewing the merchants and residents of Northern Utah, she came across the usual tales of pioneers, immigrants, hardships, and survival but was surprised to hear many bizarre and interesting ghost stories among them.


On your Ghost tour, you will experience a small sampling of these "local legends" gathered during the research of several storytellers. Some might even tell you they have gotten to know the ghosts personally... You will embark upon an exciting adventure through Utah's past and back into the present to discover characters who just can't seem to leave this valley, many years after their deaths.


We do not attempt to prove the existence of ghosts or to explain the paranormal; you will decide whether to believe - or not.  We intend to expand your imagination and present you with a fun evening of rich storytelling and maybe a chill or two.  We hope your experience will inspire you to seek out your own stories and share them.

*In celebration of our
20th anniversary
adults, students, seniors, military,
and children's Ghost Walk
tickets: *

"You can’t do ghost tours as long as we have without having up close and personal experiences with the ghosts themselves. We don’t make up fake stories to scare you. You can handle the chilling truth."


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*Ghost Walks are available all year round for your group of 4 or more.  Contact us for your reservations.
*October Private
tours require 10+ guests.


stories on our

tours have been collected by our Story-Guides. All of our stories are first or second-hand accounts of hauntings from personal interviews or are historically documented.

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Spooky Forest

*Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us!
We have unearthed over 20 new ghostly tales
*$20.00 tickets for adults, students, seniors, military, and children

*Find the PROMO CODE on our Facebook or Instagram

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