"You don't even have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a really good ghost story."

Your Story-Guide


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Laurie is chilled -um- thrilled! to be a Story Guide  for Ghost Tours again this year.  She has been interested in ghosts for as long as she can remember; possibly because she used to visit her grandparent's who's house was haunted!  She is an active member of the Utah Storytelling Guild and has participated in numerous storytelling presentations and community theater productions along the Wasatch Front.  She performs regularly in area schools and is available for programs by contacting her at 801-773-7713,

storiesbylaurie@gmail.com, or http://www.stories-by-laurie.com.

In addition to creating and directing Story Tours, including The Ogden and SLC Ghost Tours, Hysterical History Tours and custom storytelling concerts. Kristen is known for bringing the islands of Polynesia alive to audiences around the world as she shares Hawaiian ghost stories, blending ancient mythology with modern phenomenon. She has performed at many schools, churches, community centers, festivals and special events. Kristen has circled the globe as a storyteller, actor, teacher and perpetual student. She has served as the President of the Ben Lomond Chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild. Her greatest joy is watching her audiences make connections with different cultures and experiences, then remember their own stories. Join Kristen on a Story Tour around the world or around the block as you sit and listen to her tales on a stage, on a bus or even walking down the street. She can be contacted to schedule a Story Tour concert for your special event at 801-888-8551, FatLadySingingK@aol.com, or  StoryTours@aol.com.



Gayle Hasler Cook

Gayle has been entertaining people with her stories for over 30 years.  A member of the Utah Story Guild she can be found sharing stories from her life.  Gayle has over 60 YouTube videos highlighting her life and career as a professional clown.


Gayle is so excited to be a part of the Ghost Tours.  She can't wait to share stories and watch as you feel the "Spirits" along Whiskey Street.  Come have a "Spooktatular"  time! Happy Haunting.


Need a story for your event? Contact information:  801-499-6402 email: gaylehcook1@gmail.com

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“You rock!” Cherie was greeted by a child who had just listened to her storytelling. Cherie Davis is an enthusiastic teller who has performed at storytelling events around the West. Cherie co-founded Story Camp, a storytelling camp for youth. She has taught storytelling in public schools from elementary school to high school and has guest lectured in universities all over the state. She can be contacted at 801-226-6530 or cherie@cheriedavis.com.

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Karen can be found giving a tour in Ogden: One of the most haunted cities in the United States. She started as a customer on our tours in 2004 and joined the storytellers by sharing her own personal ghost stories.      http://about.me/karenkagie/bio


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Nannette* was never one to go visit a haunted house. She used to be afraid of ghosts. At the story guide auditions, Nannette thought this was just telling ghost stories; then she realized this was the real thing... in the actual places. She took heart when her Dad told her, “Relax and go have fun.” She has enjoyed it ever since. Nannette is one of the original storytellers on Salt Lake City Ghost Tours. Her tours are animated, full energy and, well, ghosts. She has earned the nickname “Ghost magnet” over the years. If activity is going to happen, it usually finds Nannette*. She is a member of the Utah Storytelling Guild, Timp Tellers Chapter. She also serves as the director of the National Youth Storytelling Showcase (NYSS). She captivates listeners and is fun to watch! For more information contact 801-362-4411 or visit NannetteWatts.com.