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Please send us any of the interesting pictures, stories, and encounters you experience on our tours. We would love to feature them on our page. Let us know if you would like us to use your name to give you credit!

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This picture was taken by a guest on a Historic 25th Street Eerie East Ghost Walk. The girl caught on the image was nowhere to be seen by any of the living guests!

Fort Douglas - Ghost Pic_edited.jpg

This strange fellow showed up in a photo taken on the front porch of the museum at Fort Douglas!

All dressed up to the 9's this lovely lady made an appearance on a Ghost tour in 2003 at the Ben Lomond Hotel. It was taken by a gentleman from England who was snapping consecutive photos with his camera set up on a tripod as the Story-Guide stood on the bottom step regaling us with haunting tales. Only one photo in the series caught the image. Each year her image seems to fade.

Ben Lomand Hotel.jpg

What can you see in this picture?

This guest took a picture with a phone filter giving her a halo. Much to her surprise, she wasn't the only one who showed up on the image with a halo!
Could it be possible that AnnaBelle is the ghost in the photo? After all, the picture was taken in a building where AnnaBell ran her business.

Be sure to watch this link that was sent to us from our guests on the Ogden Ghost Walk October 2019:

From:  Alan And Diane Outdoors

Subject: Ghost Video, Orbs And Apparition

Message: We Recently Went On A Ghost Tour And While Viewing My Footage I Caught These Apparitions. I Have Only Slowed Down The Footage And Muted The Beginning Of The Video. There Are Spirits Coming And Going from The portal And Also An Old Man On The Left Of The door Staring At Me. He Has A Beard. He Is Bald. He Has A Tie And Suit Coat. He Adjusts His Head. Slightly. My Video On YouTube Is. Our Channel Is Alan And Diane Outdoors. Feel Free To Share Our Video Link...

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